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In October 1955, Josef Hoffmann (1870−1956), a central figure of Viennese modernism, travelled to Brussels on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Stoclet House, the project that came to be known as a ​”palace“ and shaped his life and career. The enduring myth surrounding this building as well as the particular product culture that emerged from the craftsmanship of the Wiener Werkstätte (Viennese workshops), has dominated the approaches to his practice to this day. The exhibition JOSEF HOFFMANN: Beyond Beauty and Modernity wishes to offer a broader perspective by presenting Hoffmann’s artistry, for the first time in Belgium, as it develops through six decades of production.

The timeless beauty of Hoffmann’s creations not only shows his relevance as a historical phenomenon but also as a source of inspiration for different generations of students, at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts and elsewhere, making him especially an international reference for postmodern practices. Considering the challenge of introducing Hoffmann in Brussels, this retrospective aims to provide a deeper insight in Hoffmann’s ideals and their evolution both due to and regardless of the diverse ideological and social circumstances in which they took form. The exhibition features a variety of well-known works together with rare pieces from private collections. The narrative is nourished by biographical details and new material on previously overlooked aspects; all to further extend our consideration of a leading figure of Modernism.

This project is developed in collaboration with the Applied Art Museum of Vienna (MAK) and takes as its point of departure the major scientific work presented in the exhibition JOSEF HOFFMANN: Progress Through Beauty (2020÷2021). The exhibition is a central event of the 2023 Art Nouveau year in Brussels.

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Josef Hoffmann – Falling for Beauty | Exhibition
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